Open-Needs Server


Open-Needs Server is a REST-API based server for handling life-cycle objects of any kind. It provides functions for configuration, validation and presentation of stored life cycle objects.

It can be used as central database for tools like Sphinx-Needs and data from processes like SW Development, Toolchain classifications, SW Architecture, Safety Analysis and much more.

Open-Needs Server is completely flexible and can be adapted to any user specific needs. Its functionality can be enhanced by using available or self-written extensions, to check process constrains, analyse data or validate inputs.

Open-Needs Server belongs to the Open-Needs community, which creates and maintains Open-Source tools for life-cycle processes inside docs-as-code toolchain environments.


Open-Needs Server is still in the alpha phase and APIs may change in future.


  1. Install Open-Needs Server: pip install open-needs-server.

  2. Run server from command line: ons

  3. Open browser:

For more details please read the pages Installation or Configuration.






Last update: Jul 05, 2022